Colin O’Donoghue taking a decade to answer a question

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Milah/Belle Comparison and Anti-Rumbelle (on mobile, don’t read if you know you are pro-RB)


I find it so weird how Milah and Belle are so alike.

Milah was very supportive of Rumple becoming a good, honorable man (unlike his father) and extremely disappointed in him for cowardly abandoning his fellow army men and disabling himself (and playing it off as some sort of accident). The way she responded to his regression reminds me of Belle’s response to him kicking her out after their successful-yet-failed TLK. She also called him a coward, calling him out on his regression.

Milah left Rumple of her own accord after years of feeling obligated to him due to societies standards, and after her own character lost control of her life (due to those standards), she wanted to control her life just like Belle does her own life (though Milah went about it the wrong way).

The problem is that once Milah had gained some of her own agency once more and could live life the way she wanted (even though she lived with the guilt of leaving her child) Rumple killed her. She spoke her mind, admitted her feelings, took control of her life, and he crushed her heart.

Belle, as far as we know, has always been able to make the final choice in her life- up until it seemed she’d be in danger, her father let her go with The Dark One for goodness sake (it was after Rumple beat Maurice to near-death that Maurice took a firm stance against her decision and even went to lengths that were quite scary to prevent it -but he’s her father and he made up with her because he loves her and wants to be there for her). Belle had the control that Rumple doesn’t want her to have. And since she was never torn down or consistently held back (as far as we are aware) or entirely hindered by others throughout her life she grew up strong, with a good heart, and very wise.

My problem is that we’ve just found out that our Belle, who has always had a say in how she lives her life, has been manipulated and been honest-to-gosh brainwashed into believing she still has this control while really having lost it all.

I miss the Belle who told Rumple he was a coward for pushing her and happiness/love away. I miss the Belle who looked for compromise (for the bettering of others) instead of just accepting what’s been said or what’s being done. The one who asked questions and expected answers. She doesn’t do that anymore. She just accepts him. Which in itself is fine, but she’s gone from calling out him out on his actions to letting him avoid answering questions or accepting consequences, she white washes his past crimes, and she just constantly coddles him and doesn’t even realize she’s fallen so low.

Belle is one of the most amazing characters, she’s an amazingly good person whom I respected when she first appeared (and I still do and I love her to pieces). And maybe this is all part of some long process A&E are letting us see: How someone so good can be subtly and unknowingly turned into someone darker- due to the influence and manipulation by the one she loves so much that she just wants to do all she can to be with that person.

But Belle is changing and it hurts.

Rumple’s love for Belle may be true, deep in it’s core, but it’s not good for Belle. She thinks she needs him, but she was better off without him. He doesn’t want to change or compromise, and she just wants to cater to him at this point (even willing to be uncomfortable with his dagger because he wants to use her as a scapegoat/excuse- I suspect they’re probably going to have her try to use it in S4 to show us how much she’s changed-).

Rumple couldn’t control Milah (who as I mentioned before is so much like -and was inspired to be even more like- Belle). He didn’t know how. But he got a second chance with Belle and he’s succeeding at gaining all the control he wants due to this obsession he has for it and I hate that Belle’s character is being torn apart because of his inability to grow up.

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Disney animal characters & their voice actors - requested by littleprinceoftheforest  

Note: If you cannot find a character here, first look under the heroes list, the heroines list, the supporting actors list, or the non -disney list.

This list is not exhaustive

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Harry had always been small and skinny for his age. He looked even smaller and skinnier than he really was because all he had to wear were old clothes of Dudley’s, and Dudley was about four times bigger than he was.

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GET TO KNOW ME: [2/6] FAVORITE MOVIES → The Lion King (1994)

Oh yes, the past can hurt. But from the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.

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Disney Parks after Dark: France Pavilion at Epcot (x)

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Rapunzel + hair porn

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Need a Hand, Love? and Outlaw Queen. Both of them in one post for emmacharmingjones ;)

Watercolour paintings. I think I know these costumes too intimately now!

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Adam and Eddy were telling me that you two get to go on a date together.

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